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Catherine and the Captain (Exerpt)

Your Grace,” he addressed Anne, “surely there is someone who can be trusted to care for the boy. I know that, after yourself, Mistress Catherine is the best qualified, but you will need her in London more than Edward will need her here.”
        Anne opened her mouth to protest, but Kyle forestalled her with a raised hand. “You have not been at Court in a long time, and there is always turmoil and upheaval when a new king is to be crowned, especially a twelve year old king. You will need someone close to you that can be trusted completely.”
        Anne hesitated for a moment, then nodded her assent. “Your words make good sense, Sir. It shall be as you say. I trust that we can count on your escort?”
It will be my honor.” Kyle grinned to himself at another victory won over the royal witch. “You must be anxious to receive the private message from your husband, so with your leave, I will escort Mistress Catherine wherever she needs to go.”
        Not waiting for an answer, Kyle offered his arm to Catherine and swept her from the room before Anne could change her mind.

* * *

Kyle snuck a look at Catherine as he hurried her down the stairs. Her head was lowered, and she was biting her lower lip, but her cheeks were flushed with pleasure. Kyle couldn’t help himself and laughed out loud as they reached the hall.
        For once, Catherine let herself go and gave way to a fit of giggles. She knew she should chastise Kyle for taking over the way he did, but she was too elated at the chance to see London. Catherine’s joy was short-lived, however, as Sir Blaise came down the stairs.
I’m sorry to interrupt, Mistress Catherine, but the Duchess requires your presence immediately.”





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