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Chapter One


November, 1942


Four months after that last horrible meeting with Mark, Regan was boarding a ship for England. She'd tried. She'd really tried her best to compromise with him, but he hadn't listened to a word she'd said. He'd just been cold and unfeeling and walked out of her life without a backward glance.

If she were really honest with herself, she'd been the one who'd pushed him away time and time again, but he'd never let her get away. Now she guessed she had pushed him one time too many.

As a result, Regan had done what she'd really wanted to do in the first place. She'd called Washington that very day and volunteered for the OSS.

She and Dorothy Williams were among the first women to volunteer, and they would be sharing a cabin with two other women who had also completed their training.

Regan had been given a week's leave before the ship sailed, and she'd spent it with her family in Boston. Regan hadn't wanted any of them to come see her off. It would be hard enough to say good-bye without a thousand other people looking on.

Regan carried her one suitcase on board, watching out for Dorothy and the others while looking for their cabin. The four women had grown close during their training, and Regan looked forward to a relaxing voyage where their biggest worry would be seasickness.

Regan pushed through the crowd on her level, counting cabin numbers as she went. Hers would be on the right and should be the next one in line.

Regan stiffened as she approached her cabin. A very familiar figure straightened up from where he'd been leaning against the door. His arms were crossed and he looked as if he would stop her going inside if she tried.

“Mark,” she said wearily. “What are you doing here?”

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